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Snips Philosophy

        Establishment in catering hair care for Oriental men and women, the perfect line to define Snips is “The Orient Artistry”. Besides providing spectacular services in our pioneer signature re-bonding technology, colour fusion and also Snips hair spa and treatment are our mission. Personalised customer service always comes first at Snips, as a result of a house policy, that a stylist has to be available at all time during the entire treatment session of a customer.This policy enhances the customer-stylist relationships along with the increasing customers’ loyalty for continuous support.

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Brand vision I.C.E has been carried out by Snips Salon all this while, while I.C.E stands for Innovation, Creativity and Education. By Innovation it means improve, changes and introduce new technologies over time, Creativity – intelligence, imagination to perform and hairdressing new look change over time, Education – knowledge and abilities to develop the character and mental powers.